July 2019

Workshops Session II

Tapping into Intrinsic Motivation to Learn and Work and Love
Joshua Tree
Prodigy is an apprenticeship for disconnected young adults in Denver who run a craft coffeehouse. In this workshop we explore the Prodigy apprenticeship design that taps into our inherent motivation to learn and work and love on other people. Hear from apprentices and founders as we explore the concept of Spiritual Hospitality and infusing the Science of Learning into a workplace.

ChooseWell Communities – Pathways to Purpose
Through a shared impact, community collaborative model, ChooseWell Communities shares its experiences in accelerating the educational and vocational pursuits of its program participants. CWC launched with the impact initiative to eliminate housing insecurity and accelerate the educational and vocational pursuits for 25 parents with at least one child under the age of three who were in early recovery. Hear the stories from two “Founding Mothers” about how CWC’s community collaborations positioned them for successful reunification with their children and a promising pathway to purpose-filled work. Also learn how two employers have benefited from their collaboration with CWC and its Founding Families.

Homeboy 2.5: Bridging the Gap
After the trainee has acclimated to Homeboy Industries and engaged in their healing process, there is a transition into the 2.5 phase. In this phase, the trainee is placed in a business setting, in one of the social enterprise businesses, administration offices, or in a paid internship with a partner organization. This experience gives them an opportunity to build confidence while challenging them to use the new skills they have acquired. In this work placement phase, there is a person, a guide, a work readiness trainer who helps bridge all gaps, equipping the trainee with the necessary tools to overcome barriers, develop better communication and work skills and develop the resiliency to balance work and life.

Pathways to College—Infiltrating Higher Educational Space through Community Collaboration, Shared Wisdom, and Reciprocal Learning
Pathways to College is a series of workshops that help walk new and prospective students through the enrollment and educational process. The workshops are led by students, former students, community organizers and faculty and staff at surrounding college campuses. Most facilitators are impacted by incarceration and the (in)justice system. Through community collaboration, shared wisdom, and reciprocal learning, we demystify higher education, combat implicit bias, strategize to create space, and empower one another. In a bureaucratic system that attempts to dis-empower through systemic barriers, we discover that through relationship we can find success, power, and agency in our educational, personal, and communal journeys.

Holistic Reentry Legal Services: Terrors of Court Edition
Come learn how Homeboy Industries provides legal services to individuals in our program and community members. The presentation will use traffic fees and fines as a case study of the myriad legal obstacles our community faces. Strategies for change will also be discussed.