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A key goal for our team is to increase awareness of personal capacity to contribute in a meaningful and positive way to family, workplace and community.

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Homeboy Industries’ Educational Services Team engages more people each day than any other department.

Homeboy Industries offers almost forty classes/groups each week, covering a wide range of topics. Our academic curriculum provides support in high school equivalency test preparation, college readiness, reading and writing. Currently, over thirty adult students are enrolled in prep classes and individual tutoring to obtain their GED Credential. An additional dozen are working toward receiving their high school diploma.

Our Pathways to College program engages over forty trainees and community clients in post-secondary education, offering a biannual workshop series and personalized support, as needed. Beyond the academic, classes in personal development and life skills, as well as substance abuse and support groups, are offered as part of our overall commitment to healing, wellness, empowerment and self-sufficiency.

More than 300 trainees and community clients participate in the classes offered through our Educational Services department every month. Most attend multiple classes each week, filling almost 3000 seats monthly.

Breaking the cycle

Education is key to reducing recidivism, easing reintegration, and enhancing opportunities for employment, family reunification, and healing. We adapt traditional and alternative learning strategies to better serve our community by providing hope through education. Our strengths-based philosophy means that each member of our community is valued for his or her diverse gifts, talents and assets.

Aside from facilitating an enriching environment conducive to learning, healing, and growing, we support a range classes for court-mandated clients referred to us for Domestic Violence Batterer’s Intervention Program, Anger Management or Parenting classes. Click HERE to view our February class schedule.

Learning Works Charter School

We began an alliance with Pasadena-based Learning Works Charter School in 2010, and teach students at the Homeboy Industries’ Learning Works satellite campus in our Boyle Heights location. Out of the 66 Learning Works student overall who earned their diplomas, 26 were Homeboy Industries’ students. The reason our alliance is so successful is that the guiding principles of Learning Works and Homeboy Industries complement each other perfectly.

Visit Learning Works website here.

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All classes are offered onsite at Homeboy Industries 130 W. Bruno Street Los Angeles, CA 90012. Our charter high school is located at Homeboy’s previous Boyle Heights site: Learning Works @ Homeboy 1916 E. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033