Workforce Development

Homeboy Industries provides job training so that Homeboys and Homegirls can move forward and become contributing members of their communities.

When the city of Los Angeles was struggling to deal with escalating gang violence and gang membership in the 1980s, Father Greg realized that he needed to provide jobs and education as alternatives to the gangs and the senseless violence they create. He started a small job program, “Jobs for a Future,” as part of Dolores Mission in 1988.

Preparing for the Workforce

Each day, Workforce Development staff play an important role acting as intermediaries between employers, trainees and community clients. They seek out career opportunities that allow clients to learn, grow and create sustainable career growth opportunities while adding a perspective, dedication and tenacity many employers find attractive.


Each year, 80 participants receive the solar panel installation training at the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Adult and Career Education Division. Homeboy Industries pays all trainee educational expenses. All trainees and community clients can enroll in a free pre-exam tutoring program. The national pass rate for certification is 40%. Our pass rate is 65 to 70%, making our graduates especially sought-after in the solar panel marketplace.

Job-Seeker Workshops Work Readiness Programs

Community Clients obtain assistance from Homeboy Industries Workforce Development Department staff (Employment Specialists) who provide job search tips, interview skills coaching, resume development, and job referrals on a weekly basis. Trainees build resumes, search for jobs, practice interview skills, develop computer skills, participate in internships, and learn positive ways to navigate workplace communication.

Job Placement Services

Homeboy Industries Workforce Development staff work with outside employers and businesses to find jobs for trainees and community clients. Programming a Homeboy Industries Workforce Development Department works closely with various employers developing and maintaining good business relationships in efforts to better assist our Trainee Graduates and Community Clients with suitable successful job placements. Homeboy Industries is in partnership with local WorkSource Centers to assist our participants with work related supportive services such as uniform, transportation, work tools, etc. Workforce Development department connects individuals with City and County funded Specialty Programs to receive vocational/ occupational training, paid internships and / or on the job training.

Available Job Pathways:
● LA City Target Hire
● Whole Person Care
● Bridge Employers: CVS, LA’s Best, LA Towels, LA Kitchen

Industry Recognized & Technical Trainings

DOT, Confined Space Training, OSHA, HAZWOPER, Culinary Training Program and ServSafe® Food Handler Certifications, National Retailer Foundation Customer Sales & Service Certification, Welding.

Transformation Story

Meet Delia

“Since coming to Homeboy Industries, I’ve graduated Residential Drug Treatment, obtained housing, become financially independent to support my kids, got a job, and just recently got a car and my driver’s license. This has all taught me a major lesson on patience…things take time.”

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Hire from Homeboy Industries

Community clients and participants in our 18-month training program work with our dedicated team to find employment and career opportunities around the Los Angeles community. You can be a part of the very special group of employers that hire highly motivated men and women eager to contribute to their families and communities.

Employer Benefits:
● Meet staffing needs
● Reduce the cost of hiring and training
● Receive Tax Credit
● Positively influence the lives and future
● On the Job Training (OJT)
● Tax Incentives

How does it work?
● The position is regular, full-time with a minimum of 32 hours per week (not temporary or seasonal)
● The position pays City’s minimum wage or more per hour.
● The employer agrees to retain the employee after successful completion of on-the-job training
● The employer gets reimbursed at the midpoint and/or completion point of training

To begin the process of hiring from Homeboy Industries, simply fill out this FORM and our team will be in touch with you shortly. You can also call our Workforce Development department at 323-526-1254 ext. 333 for more information.