“What if we ceased to pledge
our allegiance to the bottom
line and stood, instead, with
those who line the bottom?”

Father Greg
Transformation Story

Meet Johnny

This week, Johnny Gomez conquered a long, hard fight as he got off of probation for the first time since 2010! Johnny began his time as a Trainee at Homeboy Industries a little over a year ago, and now serves the Homeboy Fire Crew.

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Our Global Impact

What began in 1988 as a way of improving the lives of former gang members in East Los Angeles has today become a blueprint for over 250 organizations and social enterprises around the world, from Alabama and Idaho, to Guatemala and Scotland. The Global Homeboy Network is a group of like-minded organizations committed to impacting the lives of those in their communities. To Learn more, click HERE.

Thoughts for the Day
Know Who You Are & You'll Be Swimming In Joy
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