Transformation Story

Meet Leslie Lozano

“I see Homeboys like a light. You know how after the storm, there’s sunshine? Homeboys is a light. It’s my light.”

Leslie Lozano came to Homeboy Industries in June of last year after working through a rehab program. For her, it was an opportunity to better herself and to work towards regaining custody of her daughter. Nine months later, Leslie has been sober ever since she walked through our doors, she recently graduated from L.A. CADA (a local substance abuse program), and she has begun to see herself in a new light. She’s also been working in our Bakery, where she has learned about (often slow and steady) baking processes:

“At first, I couldn’t stay still! But I’m taking it easy on myself, one day at a time. It’s helped me focus, to tune into where my body is at.

I want to get my daughter back, continue staying clean, to finish high school through Twilight School here, to graduate Homeboys.. to take whatever opportunities I get here so more doors open.”