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Homeboy Industries is fortunate to have many volunteers who work in a variety of much-needed capacities throughout our organization. We are grateful for your interest.

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Volunteer Opportunities

We would not be able to provide the level of transformative care that we do, without the amazing volunteers to give of their time and talent to stand alongside our trainees. We are always fielding interest for our four primary professional volunteer opportunities to support our Tattoo Removal, Legal Assistance, Mental Health and Education teams. Additionally, we appreciate volunteers who can support in a variety of ways in both short and long term projects. To express your interest, please fill out our volunteer form below and someone will reach out. Thank you for your interest!

Spotlight: Tattoo Removal

Homeboy Industries is fortunate to have many volunteers who work in various, much-needed capacities throughout the organization. We are always seeking volunteer doctors, nurses and medical professionals for the Tattoo Removal Program so we can add more clinic hours. If you are interested and a M.D., P.A., or N.P., please email: tattooremoval@homeboy-industries.org

Spotlight: Tutors

At this time, what the Educational Services Department needs most are experienced teachers and tutors to work with our trainees as they prepare to take the GED Test. If you have experience teaching, or are highly qualified in math, language arts or computer basics, we would love to hear from you. Your support is critical as Homeboys and Homegirls pursue this next phase in their lives.

Spotlight: Mental Health

Licensed psychologists, social workers and marriage and family therapists who are willing to donate from one-to-four hours each week are encouraged to consider applying for our Volunteer Therapist Program, Homeboy Heals. The Program has two parts. Option one asks providers within a 10-mile radius of our facility to counsel one Homeboy client weekly – at no charge – in his or her private office. The second option, for those whose offices are further away, is to schedule a block of time each week at one of our Homeboy Industries locations.

Volunteer Application

We are grateful for your interest. If you would like to volunteer at Homeboy, please fill out the Volunteer Application here.

Tattoo Removal Volunteers
Legal Services Volunteers
Therapists & Psychiatrists
Transformation Story

Meet Carlos

Last week, our very own Carlos Caballeros graduated and received his GED. When he committed to achieving this goal, he gave his whole self to it, completing everything in only four months. Carlos has been a Trainee here for six months.

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