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“In the end, though, the measure of our compassion with what Martin Luther King calls ’the last, the least, and the lost’ lies less in our service of those on the margins, and more in our willingness to see ourselves in kinship with them. It speaks of a kinship so mutually rich that even the dividing line of service provider/service recipient is erased.”

Fr. Greg Boyle, Barking to the Choir


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2022 marks Father Greg’s 50th year of service as a Jesuit priest and we are honoring this incredible milestone with a fund to support trainees participating in our cornerstone 18-month program. Donate $50,000 to help celebrate Father Greg, his commitment to Homeboy, and his dedication to walking alongside and standing with the most marginalized in our community.

Jubilee Benefits include:

  • All Kinship Circle benefits
  • Feature in a personalized Jubilee Video to Fr. Greg
  • Receive a personalized, signed book from Fr. Greg

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Jubilee Donor

David and Linda Adams

Wallis Annenberg, Annenberg Foundation

Kathy Mandato and Joseph D. Argilagos

Brenda and Stéphane Bancel, Bancel Foundation

Barbara Ross Charitable Trust

The Biondi Family Fund

Paul and Amy Blavin

Colleen Bollom

Chip Caldwell

Kristin and Greg Chapman

Betty and David Cronin

The John and Geraldine Cusenza Family Foundation

Danhakl Family Foundation

Kazrus Foundation

Susanne and Stephen Dyke

Sharon and Matt Edmonds

Lani and Brad Fauvre

Jane Fonda

The Fran & Ray Stark Foundation

The Gilligan Family

Karin and Armando Gonzalez

Zac and Sarajane Guevara

Harry Bronson and Edith R. Knapp Foundation

Mary Hayley

Phyllis and J. Michael Hennigan

Mel and Mary Herbert

The JIB Fund

Joe MacPherson Foundation Inc

John B. and Nelly Llanos Kilroy Foundation

John Gogian Family Foundation

Eugene Kapaloski

Lilly and Bruce Karatz

Karsh Family Foundation

Ric & Suzanne Kayne & Jenni, Maggie and Saree

Karen Kilgariff

Pernille and Jason Lopez

Katie Lunday

Amanda and Anthony Mansour

Sue and Anthony Marguleas

Marshall and Margherite McComb Foundation

Mercedes Martinez and Chris Weitz

Dr. Richard Meehan

Molina Family Foundation

Fabian Nunez and Michelle Nunez

The Pleatman Family and ORFL

The Otis Booth Foundation

The Page Family

The Pfeifer Family Foundation

JoAnn and Wayne Ratkovich

The Ring Foundation

Monica and Philip Rosenthal, Rosenthal Family Foundation

Anne Ryder

The GR Fund

Joanne and Rob Smith

Don Howarth and Suzelle Smith Foundation

Gwendolyn M Sontheim-The Aqualia International Foundation, ltd.

Julie Keese and Glenn Stebbings

Barbara and Tom Stevens; Los Angeles Capital

Corky Hale Stoller and Mike Stoller

Lindy and Thomas Vozzo

The W. O’Neil Foundation

Anonymous Donors (6)

Kinship Circle

  • Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Abbott Jr.
  • The Katie McGrath & J.J. Abrams Family Foundation
  • Leticia Acosta
  • Nara Ahn Joo
  • The Anderson Family
  • Dana Anderson
  • Jeanne Anderson
  • Anthony and Jeanne Pritzker Family Foundation
  • Debbie and Paul Baker
  • Dorothy Barber
  • Ed Barrow
  • Corinne Baughman
  • Frank and Kathy Baxter
  • BEA
  • Helen Becich
  • Jane and Philip Bellomy
  • Jim Best, Riverwest Food Pantry
  • Fred and Janice Betke
  • Andrew Bilotta
  • Dominique Bischoff-Brown
  • Charles Bloomquist
  • The Bob and Gaye Harris Foundation
  • John and Susan Boken
  • Rose Ann Boken
  • Wendy Lees and Tom Boyle
  • Bruce and Judy Brown
  • Eileen and Harold Brown
  • James and Mary Buckingham
  • Elaine Burke
  • The Jokaela Fund
  • Mary Callaway
  • Vera R. Campbell Foundation
  • KZR Studio Services, Inc
  • Kate Carter
  • Ana Caruso
  • Castruccio Family Foundation
  • Ruth Chin
  • Peter Choi
  • Tess and John Clair
  • Jim Clarke
  • Michele Pietra and Joel Cohen
  • Anthony and Diane Cole
  • Betsy and Patrick Collins
  • Charlotte Hughes and Christopher Combs
  • Rebecca Conti
  • Ayano and Christopher Creed
  • Carol Criqui
  • Paul Daoust
  • Jefferson and Nancy Davis
  • Sarah and Steve Delgado
  • Greg Dollarhyde
  • Donovan Family Fund
  • Christopher Duffy
  • Dume Wolverine Foundation
  • Victoria Dummer
  • Pauline Dykeman
  • Maria and Steve Dzida
  • Eastside Arts Initiative
  • Erich and Martha Schweiger Foundation
  • Felipe and Lesa Esparza (Felipe’s World)
  • Kellie Evans-O’Connor
  • Fairchild-Martindale Foundation
  • Ed and Sue Fish
  • Richard and Kally Fisher
  • The Fred and Cecile Bartman Foundation
  • Christy and Marc Futernick
  • Ron and Maureen Gass
  • Nathan and Amy Gebhard
  • George H. & Estelle M. Sands Foundation
  • Michael and Donna Gianelli
  • Elizabeth and Adam Gibbons
  • Justin Gonzales
  • Oscar Gonzalez, Northgate Gonzalez Market
  • Robert Gowing
  • Michael Greene
  • Heidi Frey and Robert Greenwald
  • Paul and Pascha Griffiths
  • Barbara and David Groce
  • Nancy Gunzberg
  • Roscoe Hambric
  • Carolyn and Bernard Hamilton
  • Rebecca Hamilton
  • Michael Hand
  • Carol Harmon
  • Mark Harris
  • Will Harris
  • Jessica Harrison
  • Richard and Ginny Haughey
  • Timothy Hedrick
  • Stephanie Hedstrom
  • Heinemeier Hansson Family
  • Herbert & Elaine Kendall Foundation
  • Brian and Patricia Herman
  • John and Ann Hisle
  • Cynthia Holland
  • Loretta Holstein
  • Martha Horne
  • Stephanie Horvath
  • HRH Foundation
  • Peggy Huddleston
  • Jennifer Imamura
  • Tonya and Carlos Jagoe
  • Sarah and Karen James
  • J-J Petricciani Foundation
  • Greg and Anne Jordan Family Fund
  • Joseph Handleman I Believe in You Trust
  • Nancy Jundi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kane
  • OBL Giving Fund
  • Lauren and Brian Keaney
  • Carolyn Keating
  • Joseph and Shannon Kennedy
  • Dawn Kim
  • Timothy and Jennifer Kingston
  • Jill Kirshner
  • David and Brigette Kirvin
  • Jenji Kohan
  • Therese Kelly and Peter Kovac
  • Kevin and Cindy Kozal
  • Kroner Family Foundation
  • Mary Lu and Ronald Lalonde
  • Laura Landau
  • Sherry Lansing
  • Winnie Leh
  • OMG Charity, LLC
  • Leonard Hill Charitable Trust
  • Jim and Herminia Leonard
  • T June and Simon K.C Li Charitable Fund
  • Matthew Lietzke
  • Sheila and Ron Litzinger
  • Sarah Lopez
  • Roger and Mary Lowe
  • Thomas Lucie
  • Andrew Lundberg
  • Jonathan and Nancy Lurie
  • Jeffrey Lutz
  • Christine and Tommy Lynch
  • The M.A. Roberts Charitable Foundation
  • M.M. & W.O. Miller Charitable Trust
  • Anne MacPherson
  • Mary and Dick Mader
  • The Kathryn Mangum Foundation
  • Sandra and Anthony Mansour +
  • Margaret M. Bloomfield Family Foundation
  • Martha Marshall Velasquez
  • Kathleen Martin
  • Mary Margaret Sullivan Foundation
  • Donald McCammack
  • KLM Foundation
  • Robert and Peggy McKennon
  • Mary McKeon
  • Elizabeth McMeekin
  • Michele Meany
  • Meerwarth Family Foundation
  • Lanning Melville, PsyD, LCSW
  • Menard Family Foundation
  • James Miley
  • Douglas and Marcie Minor
  • Timothy and Deborah Moore
  • Victoria Mordecai
  • Kurtis Mundell
  • Kenneth Nealson
  • Carrie and Bruce Nebens
  • James and Pamela Nelson
  • Jeffrey and Jane Nobbs
  • Charlie and Joani Noneman
  • M. Cathy Nowosielski, MD
  • Ego Nwodim
  • Oarsmen Foundation
  • Joseph and Ann Obegi
  • William Oliver
  • Olson Family Fund
  • Mary Olson
  • Sylvia Osborne
  • Otto and Marianne Wolman Foundation
  • Susan Packard
  • In Pursuit of Justice Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation
  • Ashley and Dan Palmer
  • Mary Pautz
  • Carole Payne
  • Phillip and Tamir Pena
  • Lucy Perricone
  • Charles Petithomme
  • Allyson Pfeifer
  • PM Loftus Charitable Giving Fund
  • Victoria Powell
  • Landau Purcell Family
  • Caroline and Rick Purvis
  • Cynthia L. Rangwala
  • Susan and Harold Reichwald
  • Deborah Reinberg
  • Reynolds Family Foundation
  • Susan and Donald Rice
  • The Harvey E. Rich Living Trust +
  • Richard Dunn Family Foundation
  • Roger Riske
  • Jacqueline Robbins
  • Pamela and Peter Rosekrans
  • David and Lori Rousso
  • Jack and Donna Rubino
  • Mary Beth and Viktor Rzeteljski
  • Rebecca Schroff
  • The Selders Foundation
  • Molly and Michael Shapiro
  • Carolyn Shea
  • Sherman-Neuhausen Family Fund
  • Eric Shewfelt and Olga Shewfelt
  • Maria Shriver
  • Sikand Foundation
  • Amelia Perez Silverman and Jeff Silverman
  • Norma Sinay
  • John and Phyllis Smith
  • Patricia and Michael Smith
  • Timothy Smith
  • Snavely Family Fund
  • Anna Solis
  • David and Debbie Solomon
  • Steele Family Foundation
  • Sally Stein
  • Tessa and Johnny Storms
  • The Strauss Foundation
  • Eric and Eileen Strom
  • Scott and TJ Teems
  • Lauren Tom and Curt Kaplan
  • Lily Tomlin
  • Linda Safarik-Tong and Roger Tong
  • Mary Lu Tuthill
  • James and Ann Marie Van Camp
  • The VanhaagenOuyoung Fund
  • Patrick and Elizabeth Vaughn
  • Noah Veltman
  • Michael and Rebecca Vest
  • Veterane Family Foundation
  • David and Jeri Vick
  • Judy Waller
  • Terri Walsh
  • Emi Wang
  • Michael and Diane Ward
  • Sylvia Watase
  • Karan Watson
  • Jeffrey Weber
  • SJB Fund
  • Amanda Weitman
  • Sue and Dan White
  • Jim and Lia Whitehead
  • Demetrios and Linda Wilson
  • Kelly Wing
  • Stephen and Norma Womack
  • Ariel Wright
  • Victor Wright
  • Peter and Nancy Wurman
  • Kelly and James Young
  • Phil and Elizabeth Young
  • Lael Yudain
  • Mary and William Zant
  • Anonymous Donors (20)

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