Transformation Story

Meet Alexzander Calderon

“I’ve never held a job before. All I’ve ever done was criminal activity—that was my revenue. Moving forward, the experience I’m getting while working in Merchandise will be vital to put on a resume.

In the 18 months that I’ll be here, I hope to experience everything that there is to offer, whether it’s working in the Café, the Bakery, Recycling, Merchandise, or doing administrative work. Learning communication skills with my own boss and co-workers—all of it is important.

At the same time, there’s no other job like this. There’s no other job that cares about your wellbeing, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. This is a place where we’re working but where we also get time to deal with the things we’ve dealt with for years. To have both of those things intertwined is so important.”