July 2019

Pathways to College—Infiltrating Higher Educational Space through Community Collaboration, Shared Wisdom, and Reciprocal Learning

Brittany Morton Brittany Morton is the Academic Program Coordinator at Homeboy Industries. She works alongside students as they pursue their high school diplomas, GED (certifications) and higher education goals. She is continuously learning and collaborating with students as they work to create space, share story, and embrace both their academic and experiential knowledge. Brittany believes that education is a tool for social change and transformation. She knows education transforms at a personal, communal, and generational level as it frees the mind, empowers folks, and unites communities. Brittany is currently pursing her MA in Social and Cultural Analysis of Education at Cal State Long Beach. She received her BA in Sociology with a minor in Global Studies from Azusa Pacific.

Jessi Fernandez

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Pathways to College is a series of workshops that help walk new and prospective students through the enrollment and educational process. The workshops are led by students, former students, community organizers and faculty and staff at surrounding college campuses. Most facilitators are impacted by incarceration and the (in)justice system. Through community collaboration, shared wisdom, and reciprocal learning, we demystify higher education, combat implicit bias, strategize to create space, and empower one another. In a bureaucratic system that attempts to dis-empower through systemic barriers, we discover that through relationship we can find success, power, and agency in our educational, personal, and communal journeys.