Transformation Story

Meet Jorge Dominguez

“Homeboy is… to me, everything. It’s my place where I’ve grown, it’s my place where I’ve been accepted for who I am — the real who I am — it’s been a place where I’ve been accepted for all of my character defects, it’s been a place where I eat $2.00 meals because it’s affordable. I have my friends who are all from here. Training: I get it here. Therapy: I get it here. Support for school: I get it here. And sometimes, just a hug from people who support you with their hearts… I get everything. So to me, Homeboy is everything.”

Jorge Dominguez has been with Homeboy Industries for two years. He began working in our IT Department while working through our trainee program. Now a graduate, he was just recently hired on as our Desktop Support Specialist. We're happy to have him on the team!