July 2019

Holistic Reentry Legal Services: Terrors of Court Edition

Donna Harati Donna Harati is the Director of Legal Services and Community Lawyer at Homeboy Industries. Prior to her role at Homeboy, Donna clerked for a federal judge in Ohio. During that year, she helped facilitate a class at the women’s prison in Cleveland. She has been actively involved in prison-related work for over a decade and taught full time at the Penitentiary of New Mexico for two years prior to law school while simultaneously serving as a crisis volunteer at the Santa Fe Rape Crisis Center. During law school, Donna had the honor of interning at the Ohio Justice and Policy Center. She graduated magma cum Laude from Harvard Law School in 2015. Donna is committed to transformative justice based responses to harm and to imagining and working toward a world without prisons.

Judy Escobar

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Workshops Session II
Come learn how Homeboy Industries provides legal services to individuals in our program and community members. The presentation will use traffic fees and fines as a case study of the myriad legal obstacles our community faces. Strategies for change will also be discussed.