July 2019

Workshops Session I

A Cause for Kinship: Why Advocacy Matters
Joshua Tree
At Homeboy, advocacy means a connection to community and government through education, the formation and commitment to a local organizing committee (LOC), policy work, development of skills and training for trainees and staff, testimony sharing and representation, engagement and civic connection. This session will share an overview of Homeboy’s intentional approach to advocacy, looking at our short, mid, and long-term strategies and also our connection to local, state and federal measures and laws that directly affect the population/s we serve.

Kinship Gone Global, What Does it Look Like for You?
What does it look like to take the principles of kinship, mutuality, and the power of social enterprises global? Unlocking Communities empowers communities in Haiti to unlock their economic potential through entrepreneurial ventures provides one unique approach. Community Partner gives aspiring entrepreneurs a solid foundation by training them in business fundamentals. Then, we give these budding entrepreneurs access to either: in-demand, environmentally beneficial products (water filters and clean-burning stoves) that they can earn a commission from selling or a micro-loan to fund the business idea of their choosing. The result, cyclical economic growth.

Generational Kinship: How Navigators, our Credible Messengers, Mentor
This workshop will provide a window into the complex opportunities, impacts, and ripple-effects peer navigators have on the youth, trainees, and the overall community. The Navigators lived experience guides the relationship and mentoring and the work to disrupt the cycles of violence and move people to find their pathways to a life of peace and harmony, breaking the intergenerational cycle of gangs and violence. Using mixed scenarios, Navigators will showcase the themes that most impact former gang-members highlighting the effective approaches they use that challenge existing fear-based belief systems. This role playing will show how their work can help ground someone in safety, community love and support.

The Beloved Healthy Community: A How-to Guide
The Nonviolence Institute presents the organization’s framework, of which it holds to Martin Luther King Jr.’s principles and practice of nonviolence. The framework centers on individuals and how we interact in all of our communities as we work to reduce street-level violence through services and programming. The presentation focus is on four key components that help individuals and organizations on the overall health of themselves, those served by us, and the communities at large in which we exist. This is an engaging presentation that will include conversation, activities and Q&A.