July 2019

The Beloved Healthy Community: A How-to Guide

PJ Fox PJ Fox III, Executive Director, has been with the Nonviolence Institute a total of 15 years. PJ is Certified in MLK’s Theory of Nonviolence, PJ continues to develop the Institute’s Community Violence Reduction Framework known as the Beloved Healthy Community, which is fully operational in three cities across the country, Providence and Pawtucket, RI and Chicago IL; and is scheduled to be operationalized in Selma, AL in 2019; PJ and the Institute are often asked to consult with other city violence prevention programs throughout the country, for example Fall River, New Bedford, and Brockton MA, Wyandanch, NY, New Haven, CT. He has created and implemented many effective programs and projects which have had impacts on organizations and governmental systems, such as police departments, school departments (including Providence Public Schools) and the RI Training School (Juvenile Prison in RI), and an AmeriCorps program that operated in three school districts over a 5-year period, which amazing results around culture change and school violence reduction. He is credited with ending a potential violent standoff in 2016 that had occurred on Narragansett Tribal land.

Tara Dorsey

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Workshops Session I
The Nonviolence Institute presents the organization’s framework, of which it holds to Martin Luther King Jr.’s principles and practice of nonviolence. The framework centers on individuals and how we interact in all of our communities as we work to reduce street-level violence through services and programming. The presentation focus is on four key components that help individuals and organizations on the overall health of themselves, those served by us, and the communities at large in which we exist. This is an engaging presentation that will include conversation, activities and Q&A.