Transformation Story

Meet Lami Glenn

Lami Glenn is the fleet manager Homeboy Industries. In his past role as a case manager he has led and mentored Trainees through their transformation journey. At the time we interviewed him, Lami remarked how the upcoming Christmas was his first one as a new father to a 3-month old son who bears his name. The Project Fatherhood classes Lami began taking that year at Homeboy Industries, inspired him to reflect on his little miracle:

“Just thinking about him makes me happy. Just sitting next to him is enough to make me smile. A lot of people think it’s about the toys or the video games, but in my experience, it’s much simpler than that: you just have to be present. And if nothing else, that’s what I plan on being for him.”

As fleet manager Lami Glenn welcomes car and fleet donations. Feel free to reach out regarding any donations to