News / November 2020

A Huge Thank You to Cutera Inc.

Homeboy Industries would like to thank for donating a Cutera enlighten® Laser to our Tattoo Removal Clinic along with clinical training and service (a $300,000 value) to aid community members who need tattoo removal to get back on their feet. We are extremely grateful for our partnership, and thank Cutera Inc. for standing with us in supporting men, women and youth who are on a journey to transform their lives.

With the help of Cutera’s enlighten laser, Homeboy Industries members are better able to start fresh, erase unwanted reminders of theirs pasts and begin anew.

“We are grateful for the Cutera partnership and their donation of a new tattoo removal technology,” said Thomas Vozzo, CEO, Homeboy Industries. “This new tattoo laser removal machine will advance our tattoo removal practices, allow for us to provide less painful sessions, and cut down considerably on the number of treatments necessary to remove our client’s tattoos. We know this new Cutera machine will lead to the overall betterment of our tattoo removal clinic and the care we are able to provide to our clients.”

Read the full press release here.