July 2019

Kinship – Creating a Commitment to Community

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Rebecca de Sa is an Associate Partner with McKinsey & Co and serves global clients on consumer goods topics, particularly around food, retail, and social responsibility. 

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Kinship is the embodiment and practice of being committed to one another, sharing a community where we belong to one another. In community, there is a deep sense of connection and love with a focus providing hope, friendship, wellness and safe spaces to allow for journeys of healing. The purpose of this session is to share how we engage with one another, connected and in kinship. Areas of exploration will include:Our No Matter-What-Ness – The Deep Commitments to Healing. Exquisite Mutuality - Standing together where all have voice and participate in mutual exchange. Creating Connections – Having spaces beyond offices, classrooms, and group work where participants have opportunity to check in, to feel valued, seen and heard. Multi-Disciplinary Approaches – Every interaction matters, healing starts from the moment participants enter our facility. We see, pause and spend time sharing with one another. Standing Together - Consistency and “showing up for” participants, walking them through their fears and resistance is a springboard to healing.