July 2019

McKinsey – Workforce Development

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Kyle Nelson is management consultant with McKinsey & Co. where he works with clients across the United States in the education and public sectors on topics related to organizational strategy, organization design, culture and change, workforce development, and the future of work. 

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Joshua Tree
Since Homeboy Bakery first opened, helping our community members find meaningful work has been central to how we support each other to heal, practice radical kinship, and build sustainable lives. However, the challenges our community faces today make it critical for us to improve our approach to workforce training and creating job opportunities. Thus, we have been exploring ways to strengthen our workforce development hub at Homeboy Industries. This session’s purpose is to share some of those lessons learned with you.    Key questions we’ll explore together: What is a workforce development hub (WDH)? Why does this model work? What are the key things a WDH needs to do well to help more people get better jobs? What lessons has HBI learned in practice, and in recent study, that could be replicated by other partners in the Global Homeboy Network.