News / December 2020

Support Homeboy Industries this Holiday Season!

For more than 32 years, Homeboy Industries has stood with the most marginalized and demonized amongst us, supporting hundreds of thousands of men, women and youth seeking to change the arc of their lives. We have been a local and global leader in the social justice movement – seeking and acting to change the way the world views, treats and judges the most vulnerable amongst us.

During this historic time, as an essential organization, we continue to serve hundreds of men and women with wraparound services and job training, enabling them and their families to navigate uncharted waters. But, our work has not stopped there.  We have served as an emergency depot for recently released individuals due to the pandemic, providing men and women with emergency kits, clothing and connections necessary for them to survive. With food insecurity and hunger running rampant, we converted the Homegirl Café to hand-make and hand-deliver nearly 200,000 meals to food insecure Angelinos. Through our Global Homeboy Network and continued advocacy for social justice, we have provided assistance to hundreds of organizations around the world seeking support, and we collaborated with major corporations and CEOs in California to advocate for jobs and a new economy based in equity and inclusion.

Now, more than ever, we invite you to join us in standing with those on the margins, so that the margins are erased. So that we see each other for our wholeness, and so that we can provide hope to those for whom there exists a lethal absence of hope.

By making a year-end tax-deductible gift to Homeboy Industries, you are contributing to the healing and hope of thousands of men, women and youth who seek to change the arc of their lives, during a time when they need “us, together” more than ever.

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