News / November 2018

Shine Your Light This Season!

For 30 years, Homeboy Industries has served as a beacon of hope in the heart of Los Angeles for formerly gang involved and previously incarcerated men and women. As we’ve grown to become the largest gang rehabilitation and re-entry program in the world, we’ve learned an educated inmate may or may not re-offend and an employed one may or may not re-offend, but it is only healing the whole person that truly breaks cycles of violence and trauma for generations to come, for good.

When you donate to Homeboy Industries, you enable us to provide vital job training and re-entry services, from GED tutoring to tattoo removal, at no cost to nearly 9,000 individuals who walk through our doors seeking life transformation annually. Through mental health counseling, over 150 classes in life skills, substance abuse support, recovery and wellness, as well as our multiple social enterprises that employ our program participants, we work hard to stand, heal, and invest in those whom society has cast away.

The work we do is unique, and we receive very little government funding. Instead, we rely on people like you to stand with us in declaring that everyone deserves a second chance.

This season, we invite you into the joy of giving hope to someone who needs it most. Your generous support shines a light for formerly gang involved and previously incarcerated men and women seeking new pathways forward. 

Thank you for shining YOUR light this season!