Mental Health

The Mental Health Department at Homeboy Industries is as innovative as the agency itself, providing trauma-informed clinical services uniquely designed to meet the complex needs of our clients.

Homeboy clients carry life histories marked by poverty, family and street violence, marginalization and intergenerational abuse and neglect. As a result of incarceration experiences, they face additional challenges presented by institutionalization, discrimination, “no place to call home,” negligible work history, and criminal records which preclude even hopes of employment. We stand in awe of what our clients carry, rather than sitting in judgment of how they carry it.

Always an Open Door

Fajima Bedran, director of Mental Health Services, has a door that’s always open. “Many of our clients experience what we call complex, or developmental, trauma. In addition to experiencing childhood trauma, they have experienced multiple traumas, throughout their lives.

The importance of building trust and an individualized approach that doesn’t follow any kind of specific protocol. We do whatever works to create a safe and comforting space for the client.

Transformation Story

Meet David

At age 28, David Woods received his driver’s license. At the time, David had been a Trainee at Homeboy Industries for a little over a year, working on his GED while being a father to his son.

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