Expanding Our Impact

Our 2030 Ambition

As we look to the future of Homeboy Industries, we are guided by our 2030 ambition to change the way the world views, judges, and treats our most marginalized – the formerly incarcerated and gang involved. Through our daily work and commitment to the healing of the most demonized in a trusting, loving community, we will demonstrate to the world a new way forward.

Campus Expansion and Transitional Housing

We are working on the development and construction of “Hope Village” an innovative urban campus concept designed to offer the men and women we serve new levels of support including much needed childcare as well as a safe space conducive to mindful living. Close to 80% of the women, men and youth who walk through our doors do not have a stable and safe place to live. This expansion will include the development of a new supportive housing facility that will offer individuals an environment uniquely designed to facilitate healing.

Homeboy Venture and Jobs Fund

Homeboy Industries was recently named one of only twelve organizations nationwide to receive funding from the New World Foundation toward the creation of quality jobs for the benefit of the population we serve. Our team utilized this funding to create a multimillion-dollar seed investment and launch the Homeboy Venture and Jobs Fund to expand existing social enterprises, help launch new ones, support the training and promotion of former clients, and create hundreds of quality jobs over the next five years.

Youth Re-entry Center: A Home for Everychild

Thanks to a one-million-dollar investment from the Everychild Foundation, we are launching Los Angeles County’s first juvenile re-entry center in the Los Angeles neighborhood, Boyle Heights. The dedicated 3,000-square-foot site will offer comprehensive services including education, mental health and job readiness. Our focus on youth is grounded in our advocacy around alternatives to incarceration and juvenile detention. This dedicated center will, at its core, be a place where young women and men can heal from complex trauma and break the generational cycles of poverty, violence and abuse.

Homeboy Art Academy

Our newly launched Homeboy Art Academy is a space where the arts, creative self-expression, healing and transformation, intersect in a unique way that inspires transformation. Led by renowned artist and former Homeboy Industries program participant, Fabian Debora, the Homeboy Art Academy is a place where women, men and youth work through their trauma by participating in a variety of restorative art projects that allow them to embrace resilience, develop leadership, build community and transform their lives.

Global Homeboy Network

To support communities all over the world drawn to our paradigm of kinship and connection, Homeboy Industries launched the Global Homeboy Network in 2014. Annually, the Network has a summer conference which draws hundreds to our headquarters in Los Angeles to learn, share and connect with similar organizations around the world. To date, representatives spanning from Chicago to Scotland, and Georgia to the US Virgin Islands and Australia, have adopted aspects of the Homeboy Industries model to address a variety of pressing social issues including re-entry, homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness. To learn more about the Global Homeboy Network, click here.

Re-entry Program Expansion

In line with our 2030 Ambition, we have a goal of doubling the number of women, men and youth we serve. This ambitious effort means that annually we will embrace over 500 trainees into our 18-month program. Each individual will receive comprehensive free services including case management, mental health counseling, workforce development assistance, GED tutoring and more. Additionally, we intend to serve 15,000 community clients by providing a variety of social services ranging from tattoo removal to legal support. To find out more about program services, click here.

Growing Our Operating Reserve

During this unprecedented time in our history, Homeboy Industries continues to depend on the strength of its financial partnerships to pursue our 2030 Ambition and increase the thousands of women, men and youth we serve every year. To make our collective vision a reality, Homeboy Industries is building capacity in our operating reserve for long-term sustainability.