Lisa Ling

Kinship Award

Lisa Ling is a world-renowned journalist, television presenter and author. She is an immersive journalist, bringing stories and an awareness about little-known issues, people and communities. Lisa is at heart a storyteller and deeply connects to the issues she has covered and the private lives and spaces she has accessed throughout her career. Whether it has been coverage of the mental health crisis, interracial marriage, alcoholism and heroin addiction, or incarcerated fathers, she listens and learns about people who have been marginalized and shares their stories with us. She is a voice for social justice, prison reform, restorative programming and organizations, and the AAPI community. It is because of Lisa’s compassionate voice for those on the margins that we are honoring her with the 2023 Kinship Award.

Robert Ross

Community Award

Robert K. Ross, M.D., is president and chief executive officer for The California Endowment, a private, statewide health foundation, supporting underserved communities and promoting a healthier California and a healthier America. Dr. Ross has an extensive background in health philanthropy, including advocacy and funding support to strengthen diversity in the health workforce, improve health advocacy for young people of color, and provide leadership for health-oriented criminal justice reform and care first solutions. He has turned to Homeboy Industries as a model in this work and has been a longtime friend and partner. Dr. Ross recently served as Chair of the Los Angeles County Task Force on Alternatives to Incarceration, developing a strategic roadmap for the County to reform the criminal justice system in support of health-focused strategies to reduce incarceration. We honor Robert Ross with the 2023 Community Award for his dedication to criminal justice reform.

Sergio Basterrechea

Homeboy Hero

Sergio grew up in the vibrant and culturally rich streets of Boyle Heights, a neighborhood in East Los Angeles. He came to Homeboy when he was 15-years old and his earliest memories are working and sweeping up along 1st Street near the offices. Despite facing the many challenges of his youth, Sergio has now dedicated to his healing and making a positive impact on the world around him. With his passion for the common good he began working at God’s Pantry, a non-profit organization working to help reach marginalized individuals by providing them with a second chance at life. Sergio has been instrumental in developing services and programs to support the community’s needs. Sergio’s work has allowed him to make a positive impact on countless lives of at-risk youth, gang affiliated and formerly incarcerated people, and has also given him a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment. Because of his long-standing commitment to walk alongside the marginalized and his connection to our work, we honor Sergio as our 2023 Homeboy Hero

Jocelyn Esparza

Homegirl Hero

Jocelyn Esparza came to Homeboy Industries when she was 16-years old. What started for her as court mandated appointments for tattoo removal has turned into a much-valued relationship with the organization. While at Homeboy, Jocelyn worked in the Café, at reception in the lobby and tattoo removal. Jocelyn has worked for several small businesses and has been a legal assistant. She is currently in school working to get her degree and certification in drug counseling. After she completes her program and graduates, she will work with those who are on the substance use disorder spectrum at an addiction treatment agency. It is because of her commitment to her education, her family and wanting to help those with addictions that we honor her as our 2023 Homegirl Hero.


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