July 2019

What Does an Innovative, Progressive Holistic Service Approach Look Like in Juvenile Detention Centers and Beyond, to Reentry?

Janna Shim Janna Shim is a Deputy Probation Officer serving the Court and community of Orange County, California. She began her probation career in 1997, supervising high-risk youthful offenders in Orange County’s “8% Early Intervention Program.” She has since held various positions within the Sacramento County, Yolo County and Orange County Probation Departments. Her past assignments have included Teen Court for dual-status youth, Intensive Juvenile Supervision, and the non-conventional duties of grant writing and legislative analysis. However, she remains most passionate about opportunities to collaborate with other service providers in efforts to achieve the best outcomes for individual youth, families and the communities in which they live. Janna currently works in Juvenile Investigations, where she conducts social study investigations and prepares comprehensive reports for the Court. These reports include those for 707 WIC transfer hearings, during which Probation recommends whether youth charged with serious offenses are better suited for Juvenile or Adult Court proceedings. Janna is a department Trauma Responsive Practices (TRP) trainer. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice from California State University, Long Beach.

Kelly Rozek Kelly Rozek has been defending the indigent as an attorney with the Orange County Public Defender and Alternate Public Defender’s office for 14 years. Over the course of her career she has worked in adult criminal, dependency, delinquency, and mental health. Ms. Rozek is a trailblazer and was the first attorney in Orange County to keep a youth in juvenile court after the passage of Proposition 57 in 2016. Utilizing her background in mental health and with the utilization of trauma informed care she developed and collaborated with various experts and agencies to create a new way of combatting 707 hearings for juveniles. Ms. Rozek has developed innovative legal strategies on keeping juveniles accused of violent crimes in the juvenile system. Ms. Rozek currently works collaboratively with community partners to address the needs of each juvenile to ensure successful re-entry into the community.

Veronica Mendieta Veronica Mendieta is a paralegal serving Orange County, California’s indigent community. She has worked with the Orange County Alternate Defender’s Office for six years. She was the sole paralegal for four of those years in an office with 30+ attorneys. Her career began 12 years ago working in the private criminal defense sector. Veronica currently works on the preparation, disposition, and reentry work of the 707 WIC Transfer Cases using a holistic approach. The 707 WIC Transfer Cases consists of youth charged with serious felony crimes and at risk of having their cases being transferred to adult court. She collaborated and implemented procedures for her office relating to the handling of the 707 WIC Transfer Hearings since the passing of Proposition 57 in California. She conducts the investigation of the juveniles’ social history. She fervently collaborates with management, governmental agencies, Juvenile Court and local service providers for the optimum outcome in the youth’s rehabilitation and reentry into the community. Veronica is also a certified domestic violence counselor lending a hand to working with the youth’s families. She also holds a Paralegal Certificate (ABA approved) and a Certificate in Criminal Defense Investigation.

Crystal Anthony Crystal Anthony is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Underground GRIT, a non-profit in Orange County that provides men, women, and youth who have been system impacted and breaking cycles perpetuated by trauma. Recognizing the gaps in our system and the needs of the most vulnerable and helping empower care solutions for members, and walking through life with each member as they are incarcerated in juvenile detention facilities, jails, and prisons and re-enter into the community. Ms. Anthony was previously a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for the County of Orange’s Health Care Agency and provided expert training on human trafficking, and trauma specific treatment for individual and group prevention and intervention for youth in juvenile detention facilities.  Ms. Anthony has developed and launched innovative restorative justice programs in the high risk security units in Orange County juvenile hall. Utilizing innovative and compassion based programs to implement trauma specific individual and family therapy treatments, art therapy, expressive arts, poetry, self-empowerment events and restorative healing circles.

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Workshops Session IV
This workshop will show the undeniable impact that a “walking through life,” compassionate, holistic treatment approach has had within Orange County, California’s Juvenile Detention Centers. The passing of 2016’s Proposition 57 has meant there have been new parole and sentencing provisions for juveniles and with this an opportunity to steward a multiple disciplinary approach to provide compassion, hope and healing to juveniles convicted of serious, violent crimes. The program also looks at reentry strategies meant to fill the gaps in the system and provide solutions to juvenile and continual recidivism.