July 2019

Breaking Bread—Working Together in the Enterprises

Arlin Crane Arlin joined the Homeboy staff in 2012 as a kitchen manager, looking for some down time after running kitchens at Whole Foods. But she fell in love with the people of Homeboy and is now the Director of Social Enterprise for the Culinary Division, managing the day-to-day operations of virtually every business Homeboy owns. Arlin had her first business whens he was 14 and hard work is nothing new to her. She starts her work day at 4 in the morning and spends the rest of her day attending to the needs of all her employees. When everyone goes home for the day, she stays late to finish anything else that needs to get done. This job has taught her to balance her entrepreneurial spirit with the compassion-based mission of Homeboy. Leading with love has been her main priority here and in her words, “I don’t want anyone to ever look down at any of these people they’re stronger than most of us.” She would like to move development forward for more women-focused social enterprises and become more of an advocate for businesses with a social mission. Women who used to struggle with prison and drug problems are now leading million dollar businesses and this is thanks to the trust, support, and respect that Arlin gives the employees she works with every day. Arlin has taught Homeboy so much of what she knows about business, but Homeboy has taught her unconditional love.

Jayro Sandoval

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Workshops Session V
What does radical kinship look like in our Social Enterprises? Come hear about the training program in Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Café. Senior manager and core staff will share their experience coming from the 18-month program to middle management to senior management. We work to balance a thriving business with work ethic while keeping trainee’s program going as they work on themselves.