July 2022

18-Month Journey – Values and Phases

Shirley Torres, MSW

Shirley Torres is the Chief Program Officer for Homeboy Industries where she leads the
organization in strategies to receive, engage, and retain citizens returning from California state
and federal prisons, county jails, and juvenile detention facilities. She has served as both the
Director of Re-entry Services and as the head of curriculum and training department where she
was responsible for designing, developing, and implementing the educational components for
Homeboy. She spent three years working as a Release Counselor as part of a contract with the
Los Angeles Probation Department, specifically focused on girls and gangs within juvenile
detention camps. Raised in South Los Angeles, a neighborhood populated by violence, drugs,
and gangs, she knows first-hand the structural barriers and challenges facing urban youth and
their futures. Torres graduated from UCLA, becoming the first in her family to earn a college
degree. She has a Master’s degree in Social Work from USC with a concentration in Community
Organizations, Planning, and Administration.

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