July 2019

Workshops Session V

Civic Engagement, Leadership and Professional Employment after Incarceration
Sharing their own experiences of going from incarceration and addiction to formally studying law, becoming lawyers and their current policy leadership work, attorney Tarra Simmons and attorney Christopher Poulus will discuss the importance of directly impacted leadership in criminal legal system reform advocacy. They will share personal stories of their barriers and pathways to higher education, civic engagement, and joining professional fields with criminal records.

Breaking Bread—Working Together in the Enterprises
What does radical kinship look like in our Social Enterprises? Come hear about the training program in Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Café. Senior manager and core staff will share their experience coming from the 18-month program to middle management to senior management. We work to balance a thriving business with work ethic while keeping trainee’s program going as they work on themselves.

Starting a Social Enterprise? Focus on the Individual.
In this workshop you will learn how the Bike Union offers workforce, professional, personal, emotional and financial development to young adults affected by foster care. How at the heart of this work, walking alongside people who have faced immeasurable trauma, as you consider starting or working to grow a social enterprise business, a relationship-based approach should be the focus. In the non-profit struggles to remain small and authentic, and connected to mission, it is important that attention be paid to the individuals being served, those who will come to run and manage the business.