July 2019

Workshops Session IV

Simple Mission-Driven Marketing Tips for Nonprofits
Joshua Tree
Whether you’re a scrappy nonprofit starting from scratch or an established organization focused on growing your impact, you want to find the right messaging and marketing solutions to support your goals. Join the Marketing Director and Marketing/Social Media Manager of Homeboy Industries in an interactive discussion centered around providing marketing tools you can use immediately to move your mission forward. Bring your questions and your notebook as we explore Storytelling, Social Media, PR, Direct Mail, Events, Partnerships, Social Enterprise Marketing and more!

The Rewards of WREP – The Work Readiness Enrichment Program
The Work Readiness Enrichment Program (WREP) is an inter-agency community intervention program aiming to decrease the number of youths being committed to the Department of Juvenile Justice in Savannah, Georgia. The program is an 18-week, juvenile court referred program that serves 15 high-risk, disconnected and system-involved youth ages 14 – 16. The goals are designed to provide educational programming to bring youth back to their grade level, to provide work readiness training, and connect needed support services to help address the root cause of the chronic delinquent behavior and activity.

One Team, One Plan: Case Managers, Navigators, Therapists, and Trainees
Central to the “one team, one plan” approach is Homeboy’s Secure Base, a trainee-led space that allows this multidisciplinary team to identify strengths, challenges, and opportunities that impact a trainee’s life and overall growth and development through our program. This panel-led workshop will illustrate how case managers, navigators, therapists and trainees work together to develop mutually agreed upon goals that guide the trainees as they explore and engage with complex systems of care and supervision. The ultimate goals? To stay out, alive and confidently walk toward optimal health–mind, body, spirit.

What Does an Innovative, Progressive Holistic Service Approach Look Like in Juvenile Detention Centers and Beyond, to Reentry?
This workshop will show the undeniable impact that a “walking through life,” compassionate, holistic treatment approach has had within Orange County, California’s Juvenile Detention Centers. The passing of 2016’s Proposition 57 has meant there have been new parole and sentencing provisions for juveniles and with this an opportunity to steward a multiple disciplinary approach to provide compassion, hope and healing to juveniles convicted of serious, violent crimes. The program also looks at reentry strategies meant to fill the gaps in the system and provide solutions to juvenile and continual recidivism.

Partnering to meet the need and expand capacity
When you’re just starting out or have a small team, how do you build capacity to expand the reach of your services? Homeboy’s Education team will discuss the partnerships that exist, those that help to offer a wider breadth of programming to fulfill the need and to better serve our community. We will highlight some key collaborations with other organizations whose expertise complements our own, allowing us to create distinct programming tailored to our population, train our credible messengers and provide culturally competent facilitation and guidance throughout the classes in our curriculum.