Lo Máximo Awards 2022  


We are so grateful for the outpour of support, love and compassion we received in honor of our Lo Máximo event. It was a magical night putting the miracle factory of Homeboy Industries and its people on full display. We are excited to share that with your support, we RAISED HOPE and nearly $1.6 million in sponsorships and gifts for thousands of people seeking to change the arc of their lives. A special thanks to the Johnny Carson Foundation who matched every gift up to $200,000, inspiring our entire community to action.

Again, thank you for standing with us in the knowingness that healing in a community filled with love and kinship, leads to transformation and emboldened resilience.

We invite you to experience the beloved belonging in the room by viewing the event photos or and watching the full show.


Registration and ticket sales for Lo Máximo are now closed. (Note: Tickets are required for entry.)

Please contact Kristin Bray at (818) 564-4064 or kristin@elementsevents.org or Amanda Mansour at (323) 526-1254 ext. 328 or amansour@homeboyindustries.org with questions.